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Kepsake Kreations Landscape Lighting in Nashville, Tennessee

Outdoor Lighting Controls

Easily create your lighting setup to your liking.

Easily control ambient light in your home to make your home's exterior more beautiful.

Make your outdoor lighting worry-free and easy to use. With Kep sake kreations, you have a variety of options for controlling your lighting system, from simple digital schedules to advanced solutions like Lutron Caseta® that integrate with modern smart home technologies.

Our team offers a comprehensive selection of modern lighting control system alternatives and will help you choose the best system for your needs. We'll create lighting zones to suit different activities and adjust the light hue to enhance your outdoor parties' festive feel. During the design phase, we'll determine your flexibility needs and ensure your lighting system provides years of trouble-free operation. Experience convenient and seamless outdoor lighting control with KEPsake kreations.

Your Home Could Look Like this with the Right Architectural Lighting


Advanced Outdoor Lighting Options

Lutron Caseta®

A smart home technology pioneer which will trigger lighting manually, via smartphone applications, or via voice command using Siri, Alexa, & Google Assistant.

Lutron Caseta

Outdoor Lighting That Changes Color

Would you like the colors of your outdoor lighting system that constantly changed? Then It  is something we can accomplish. There are several photochromic landscape lighting systems on the market today; contact us today and then we will help you choose the best one for you.

Smart Socket by Brilliance

A WIFI plug that allows you to operate your full lighting from any part of the globe.


Improve the worth of your house:

Curb Appeal

A gloomy house doesn't appear majestic or lovely. Your house will come alive at night thanks to tasteful architectural lighting, making you the envy of the neighborhood!


Hidden risks will be hidden on a dark route. After dark, landscape lighting along walks and paths will gently brighten the path, ensuring the safety of your family and friends.


A vulnerable home is one that is dark at night. Install security lights in your outdoor areas to ward off nocturnal trespassers and give your family a sense of safety and security.


A dim terrace is neither appealing nor romantic. Your outside areas will be transformed with elegant deck and patio lights, which will give your backyard space the ideal mood each night during the week.

Our three-step procedure makes our process simple to complete.

1. Scheduling a residential visit

We sit down with you in your home and walk across the surface of your property. And we go over your needs together.

2. Getting quote.

We'll take a look at your lighting design together and provide you with a quote.

3. Cherish your space at any time of day or night:

We put up the lighting to allow you to have the evenings you've ever desired.

Top Quality Brass Lighting Fixtures

We only install top quality fixtures made from heavy metals such as brass and copper. 


Most of the fixtures that we install come with a lifetime warranty and are made in the USA.

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