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Add Excellent value to your home or property at night!

Professional lighting designer servicing your architectural, landscape, and holiday lighting!

Create memories that will last a lifetime 

Expert Christmas Design & Installation Benefits:






Entertaining guests in the evening
Feeling fully secure after dark
Improving your home's value

Drag the cursor below to see the dramatic difference light makes.


Lights by KEPsake, we offer professional design and installation of outdoor lighting for a variety of applications.

Architectural Lighting

Even beautiful homes can appear poorly lit after dark if sufficient spotlights are not used to illuminate them. Highlight distinctive architectural features, make your home more secure, and take pride in your neighborhood's by utilizing architectural lighting.

Landscape Lighting

The purpose of outdoor landscape lighting is to enhance the lighting inside your home by utilizing natural elements to emphasize the other features of your property.

Holiday Lighting

Contact Lights by KEPsake to arrange your Christmas decorations and lights this year. Our services include complete design, installation, refurbishment, storage, and removal. Trust our experts to handle all of your holiday lighting needs.

Security Lighting

We transform your dark home into a cozy and safe living space by illuminating the areas on your property. Trust us to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and secure.

Imagine what your home could look like!

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